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Halloween! Pt. 1

It’s finally time to put up halloween decorations! Yay! I’ve divided them into a three part series, so stick around for the rest.


Part 1: Background scene

Our display is all centered around the giant inflatable spider. Every year, we try to add two or three new items, and over the years, it’s gotten pretty awesome. This years additions were two new bodies and the rotisserie-thing for Tim. The bodies were originally going to be made using traditional methods (chicken wire, PVC pipe, canned foam, etc. until we found a whole bunch of those foam pool noodles for $0.45 each. It turs out that they can be cut really easily and they will take pretty much any shape needed. I split couple into 8 pieces longways to use as ribs, and the rest of the bodies are made of  whole noodles with little cut out tabs so they can fit into each other.For faces, I used props purchased last year at walgreens’ 75% off after halloween sale.

Okay, enough talk. On to the pictures.



Here’s the graveyard scene. All the tombstones are cheap styrofoam from walgreens (some of their halloween stuff is actually pretty great, especially at 75% off.), and there are various bones scattered about in it. You can also see the web on the bushes and all over our house.



This is one of the spider’s past victims. It’s made of fun noodles as described above, except I left out the ribs to give it a more dried out appearance.


Here is another of the spider’s past victims. This one consists of nothing more than a head and some strategically placed fabric.



Here’s yet another victim of Itsy. This one is made entirely of fun noodles with a Hillary Clinton mask attached to the top. I personally think the smile makes this one epic.



This is the big hanging ghoul thing that resides over the cemetery. I really have no idea how it makes sense with the rest of the decorations, but everyone seems to agree that it helps set the scene.



Poor Tim is being roasted until Itsy gets put up.



Here’s a photo of the entire display at the end of Part 1. Ignore the huge black mass in front of the tree

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